December 05, 2010

rambles of restlessness

For the past week for sure, I wake up around 4am.  I am incredibly uncomfortable, usually my back is tight and aches.  My nose feels stuffy so I tend to breathe through my mouth which I hate.  I roll back and forth in bed and then wake my husband.  Last night he woke and said he would go sleep on the couch so I could have the entire bed.  It helped a little.  This is getting really old.  This is pregnancy.  I know it's good training for when our sweet bundle is actually here.  Hopefully Evan doesn't wake when baby does.  I would love a massage right now. I have a catch under my right shoulder blade that I can't reach with my arm. I wake up thirsty.  Instead of getting a glass I got a coffee cup so I wouldn't dirty 2 dishes this morning.  Water tastes good out of a coffee cup and now I'm prepared for when the coffee is actually made.  We have church this AM. Then Gretna church this PM. Evan will be in his new Sunday school class for the second time today.  I hope he behaves for his teachers.  They will be practicing for the Christmas program.  Will he actually desire to learn his song?  It seems the heater in my house is continually kicking on...must be pretty cold outside.  The glow from my computer screen lights almost the entire room.  I love our church pew.  We got it from our church in Boston when they switched to chairs.  Someday I'll finish recovering the cushions.  Sigh.  I am still tired.  My achy body feels better if I am up.  Maybe I'll try to lay on the couch  I never have a problem falling asleep before bedtime there.  Lord relax my body so I may rest better.

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