July 23, 2010

Set Your Piggies Free

This has been a favorite song of ours this summer. How can you not smile and sing along. Come peeps it's summah time...set your piggies free!!!

July 14, 2010

Mowers Helper

We were out running errands tonight and saw so many people mowing and fertilizing their lawns. Travis made the comment that he should probably mow when we got home after it cooled down a bit. It's amazing how many people mow in the heat of the day when the sun is shining so strong. Crazy! We made a few stops and when we were ready to come home Evan started saying "Ok, mow Dada. Home mow the lawn." He wasn't going to let Dadda off the hook tonight. He even started to pull a fit when we first came home and Travis went in the house. As soon as Travis started the mower, Evan grabbed his hat and the broom and started his work. All he wanted to do was sweep the driveway!

I think this is a "really Mom, you're taking my picture look."

A cowboy cheese.
(if you look real close you can see the blue stamp Evan gave himself on his forehead. it's been there all day)

And of course a sneak of Mama's water after all his hard work.

July 12, 2010

infectuous smile

This is my happy little boy. Oh how I love him!


After 2 years of no internet in our house we FINALLY have it. (hollahhh) So with that said, We Are Back My Friends. It is quite hard to keep a blog up to date when you have no internet connection. So I will try my very best to blog my heart out. I have quite missed you. There are so many posts written in my head. So many of you don't even know what we look like anymore.

Evan has grown into a handsome, handful of a boy who is quite fond of his Daddy.
Travis and I just celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary.

And...we're expecting baby #2 in February. Evan has named it Baby Worm. True brotherly love.