December 07, 2013

::December 7::

Sibling Love!

This happens at your house too right?
It's all fun, then a fight, then love again?
All over the empty Oatmeal container turned Drum! :)

December 6


December 05, 2013

December 5

Today we ate lunch at the dining room table.
We had special friends join us:  Hippy Doo Da, Owly, and Dinosaur!

The simple joy of animal friends.
They make lunchtime much more fun.

December 4

These are from Evan's drawing book. He was proud to show them off and to point out the crowns on our heads.  Dad is the King and Mom is the Queen.  Love him!

December 03, 2013

December 3

Watching the waddlers this midday as we did chores.
Single file down the lane they went towards the pond.

December 02, 2013

December 2

My sweet. He came in my room early this morning and said, "Mom, stay in bed."  He jumped in under the covers to get warm and gave me a big hug. Then darted back up the stairs to the kitchen. A few short minutes later he was there again with a big grin and a plate of food. Daddy followed with a cup of coffee.  "Here mom, I made you breakfast in bed!"

A flutter of my heart and I fell a little more in love with my sweet son. He is such a servant and seeks to bring joy.  He loves me. He wants to be near me. I will cherish moments like these for days and days to come. Thank you Lord for giving me my Evan.


Runner up for the day:

Bread cornucopia turned elf hat.
Like Father, like Son!
I love them both!

December 01, 2013

December Photo Project 2013

It sure keeps us busy::
It amazes me how quickly the days pass by. Moments forgotten.
I feel I have failed our blog this year. So disappointing. So much passed by that was not documented or shared with those who care. We know you love us. Life for the Lucas' right now is still in transition. We are awaiting our house to be built. Jumping with excitement at each new stage of completion.  We are living in a basement, pieces of our life still boxed up. We have grown much. We have learned much. We are humbled. We are ok.

December 1
Today is December 1, it is the beginning of the December Photo Project. This is a project I have been waiting for. It is a time that truly helps me slow down and focus my eyes on my surroundings.  It is a time to document memories. I'm using it as a fresh start. This is how I will enter back into to the blogging world.

Are you excited?

I desire to live a life of fullness. To be content with what I have and where I am.
But I wrestle much with this!
I hope to be an example to those around me. A good role model to my children. I pray this month is a time of reflection and learning.
Here we go!

::December 1::

May 07, 2013


Good Morning friend. #snail #hitchingaride #coffee #turkeyhunting #whatthemorningsbeenlike w/ @tlucas121

 It's been awhile hasn't it?
 We haven't forgotten you.  We've been transitioning. 
In November we moved in with my husbands parents as we tried to sell our house. We sold it ourselves which was crazay! But we did it! 

Now we are in a house of 3 generations which is loud, busy, exhausting, and fun.  We are trying to pay off debt. Find the perfect house plan. Dream and yet stay in reality. Time seems slow with the things we want to happen. But we know our Lord controls the time. He has placed us exactly where we are needed and where he wants us. He is blessing us. He is teaching us.  His time is perfect so we must be patient. 

Pray with us.

Transition is hard for all of us.  To not have our 'own' space is very trying at times.  We pray for clarity as to which house-plan will soot us best.  We do have an address and hope to put in a driveway next week.  
A visit to the bank will be our next task and then to work with a builder.

We love you all and appreciate your friendship and support!
Stay tuned.