January 31, 2011

Box Fun

When Mama's away the boys will play!

Take 1...

Take 2...

3rd Times a Charm...

January 30, 2011

Green Smoothies

So many have asked.  

So here is how I make a green smoothie.

 We start with a banana.  This helps make it creamy.

 Next we add frozen fruit.  Any kind your lil' heart desires.
For this batch we used blueberries.

 We added a little bit of Rhubarb as I have a ton in my freezer.
Rhubarb is loaded with calcium and other goodness.

We topped it off with a spectrum blend of frozen fruit.  That includes peaches, mangos, and strawberries.

Add your liquid.  I use a juice sometimes or just water others.

 Blend it up, adding more liquid if needed.

 Time for the greens!
I like to use spinach as it blends the smoothest. 
 But we have used a variety of greens: lettuce, kale, carrot tops. 
I use about 2.5 cups of spinach or more sometimes.  If you are just starting out I may suggest a little less and build up to more added greens.  Blend really really well adding more liquid if you need it. 

I also add a squeeze of honey.  We usually buy local honey to help with our allergies.

 So proud of our cups!
My blender fills 2 16oz cups for Travis and I.  A cup for Evan. And an extra pint that I put in the fridge for me  the next day.  I am drinking a green smoothie every day and Travis + Evan have one every other day.
The key is to have a straw.  A good straw.  A wide straw to suck up that green smoothie bliss.  It is proven that the wider the straw the more you drink.  After I'm done with my smoothie I refill my cup with water the rest of the day.


January 29, 2011

Somedays you just need an

Ice cream Cone.


Especially when the temp hits close to 50 degrees on a January day!


Jimmies make it taste so much better too.

January 28, 2011

...crazy moods...

Some days I just feel moody.

Some days I am irritable.

Internally I know it's not fair to those around me.

But this is how I feel.

This is what pregnancy does to you.  It's hard to explain to your husband and three year old.

But I am almost done and will soon meet our sweet little.  38.5 weeks, I can wait a few more.  Then I will be hit with a whole new wave of emotions.

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever." 
 Hebrews 13:8

Praising Him for this today.  

January 26, 2011

It Snowed...Again!!

It Snowed...Again:

So Daddy and Evan went out to shovel...Again:

(sorry it's long but it may make you laugh)

Evan remembered that sledding was apart of the shoveling deal...but Daddy wasn't quite ready.  Then it was time!  Only it ended with a face planted in the snow.  Hat and gloves flying off.  Sledding was done and Warm Cocoa required!

Daddy's comfort.

A few days later it snowed...again. (Can you believe it?)  Everything was outlined white.  There was an amazing peaceful beauty to be seen.  Crisp lines and hidden wonders.

We spotted some Turkeys.

Under a watchful eye. 

We had stayed the night with Gma Cathy and Gpa Steve. When we awoke, a friendly neighbor drove up the lane plowing the drive.  Pure bliss for our little man.

Joy of the tractor plow!
Even though this snow gets old and we long for Spring.  There is joy to be found if you slow down and take in the moments of each day.  Sip on some good coffee and watch.  Watch those around you, the trees in the field, the people at the market.  There is a new story to be told each day.
Simplify.  Slow down.  Enjoy.  You will be filled more than you expected.

January 21, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

Next on my "MUST READ" list:

One Thousand Gifts
A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are
By, Ann Voskamp

January 09, 2011

It Snowed!!

So Daddy and Evan went sledding!
                                                Someone was really excited, happy, and so grown up.


                  His cheeks were pretty rosy too!


Especially when he came back inside!

So happy!!

January 06, 2011


Burning off that energy

Thankfully today was much warmer, so we headed outside after lunch to burn off some of that energy!

He was a busy boy.  

So glad he helps us shovel the snow on the grass.  

It worked!!! He went down for his nap without too much of a fuss!

January 05, 2011

A day of Crazy Evan behavior

My son definitely has crazy moments..no days.  Today was one of them.
This Mama has had enough and it's time to get out of the house.

Though as I watch this it is comical.  Enjoy.

(quality is bad b/c it was taken with my cell phone)

January 01, 2011

December 31

Our day begins with a good friend Derek coming for breakfast!


Boys only allowed in this blind:


Calm before the storm arrives:


Friends to play with:




A picture taken without Chuck's knowledge...no hiding from this one friend:




Playtime all night long:


Game time begins...FARKLE:




Evan wants in on the action...so proud of his tall tower:


Of course there has to be nut cracking on New Years Eve...especially when your husband doesn't believe that the nut is walnut like you say it is:



Believing your wife is always a good choice!

Preggo Mama's drink of choice:


Countdown's beginning:


Loopy-ness is starting to set in: