November 22, 2011

He helps

...dress his Sister.

Big brother helping dress Nadia

Big brother helps dress Nadia

Big Brother helps dress Nadia

snuggle time


My loves. They are great friends. She adores. He protects. ♥

November 15, 2011

Dirty dishes prove I feed my family, a full trash can shows I clean up after their messes, messy floors mean I let my children have fun, the pile of unfolded clothes mean I keep my family in clean clothes & wet bathroom floors mean I bathe my kids!!! So the next time you walk into my house & see a "mess" think twice before you judge me! If you come over to see me, come on in....If your coming over to see my house, make an appointment! Keep this going if you are a parent!!

November 09, 2011

Falls Rainbow

We were blessed a few weeks ago with a Fall Rainbow.
We ran outside and were reminded of HIS promise.

Falls Rainbow

Falls Rainbow

Falls Rainbow

Falls Rainbow

Falls Rainbow

Falls Rainbow

Falls Rainbow

Falls Rainbow

Falls Rainbow

Falls Rainbow

Falls Rainbow

Did you see it?
Were you excited?
Did you remember?

All's Grace!

disaster at house cleaning

So here I am...AGAIN...working hard to clean my house.  I really want to be playing and doing fun activities with my sweeties, but the house is a wreck.  WHY CAN'T I KEEP MY HOUSE CLEAN?

By clean I mean:
1. Picked up.
2. Organized
3. Swept/Vacuumed

Why is this so difficult?  Why do I feel like I am constantly working hard everyday and don't seem to see much progress? What am I doing wrong?  Am I the only one with this problem? Is it because I have little ones?

Please share your strategies.  What do you do to keep a tidy house?  What are your routines? HELP ME!!!

November 08, 2011

♥ baby giggles ♥

It just doesn't get old.  Baby giggles. Her smile. Pure joy.
Big brother loves to entertain! Little sister loves to watch!

November 02, 2011


They said it would.
And it did.
So we played.
Got wet.
Got cold.
Smiled big!

Made monster footprints.

Saw the radishes ready for pulling.

Sampled some fresh snow.

Bird baths full.

Colors bright.

Flowers hanging on.

Monster feet hung.

All's grace!
Enjoy each moment.