June 23, 2011

YES. couldn't say it any better

Thank you Olya  at Life Inspired for posting this.  So often I am overwhelmed with feeling I HAVE to blog and where do I start because it's been awhile, and I want it to sound good, and look good, I don't know who actually reads this, I haven't edited my pics, I haven't taken any outstanding pics, I'm tired, are there expectations? **sigh**

"I'm trying a new thing to make sure I can document our life more consistently. Instead of trying to lump my photos into a themed post (which is ok when it's about something like a hike, visit or some other event), I am going to embrace the randomness of our daily life and not be afraid to be random here as well. Because in reality, our life consists of a myriad of random moments that happen throughout the day, every day. Trying to tie them together into one post with some deep meaningful title to go along with it is what often overwhelms me, takes too much time and causes me to not document those things after all." 

So here's to a fresh start. To daily, weekly musings of our lifes' randomness. Some posts will be well thought out, laid out, and pretty.  Some, not so much.  Just enjoy and see us for who we are.

June 22, 2011

Summer Day 2

It's the second day of Summer and I had to close some of our windows, find a pair of socks, and sip on a latte.  How lovely it is.

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June 21, 2011

Rhubarb Time

Rhubarb.  Oh how we love rhubarb.  It's ready to pick now and we were gifted a bunch.  What do I make with rhubarb you ask.  Jelly, pie, bread, muffins, crisps.  I want to try this cobbler from Pioneer Woman.

Rhubarb is so funny and tart.  

One of my favorite gifts this year are these mini pies.  You fill the jars with crust, filling, and pop the lid back on to freeze until ready to bake.  So with the yummy rhubarb sitting in my fridge I made some Strawberry Rhubarb mini pies to pass on to my Dad and Grandma.  (If the jars are returned I will refill them.)

Aren't they so cute?  Here is a Rhubarb Bread that I made.  It was the first time for this recipe, it made two loaves and was delicious.  We devoured it in a couple days.

  Lastly here is a crisp that I made.  Well it turned out to be a crisp.  My original plan was for it to be rhubarb bars, but it was too sticky and didn't firm up like it was suppose too.  So it turned into a crisp.

We are stocked with Cherry-Rhubarb jelly for now.

So glad rhubarb freezes excellently so we will enjoy it's rare taste all year long!

Today I am guilty of...

Today I am guilty of spraying our bread with PAM to make our grilled cheese sandwiches!

We were out of soft spread butter and I wasn't patient enough to wait for the real butter to soften.  The sandwiches were very tasty, Evan had no clue they were different.  Just feels like something I need to admit!

June 16, 2011

new music

Don't you just love finding new music?

Here is my newest love.  I have been dancing around the house as quietly as I can as my babes are sleeping.  A little chill, with catchy rhythms, bouncing beats, and awesome lyrics.  

Love & War & The Sea In Between Cover Art

Josh has so graciously offered this album for Free on his website or through Noise Trade, check it out.

Hope you enjoy it as I am.

June 15, 2011

bath time

You asked so here she is:

Nadia is really starting to enjoy her bath time.  Here she is so fresh and so clean (clean).

Isn't she a pretty one?

June 14, 2011

Spring Picnics

Oh how we love to picnic.  Whether it be at the park, in the back-yard, in the back of the jeep on a rainy day.  They are so simple and so joyous.  Late March of this year Nebraska hit record highs. So what better to do after a long cold winter? Picnic at the park.

Nadia's first picnic at 1 1/2 months old.

Evan playing in the sand while Nadia and Mama set up our blanket and food.


Our Spread:

Grape truck:
grape truck

Lunch chat and  reviewing the verses we know:

Play time:

 Back to the Sand

Monkey time:


Drive time...

da plane da plane

He's up and He's down.

Mom look at Me:

This way and that way:

Time to head home.  Miss Nadia needs to eat and we are worn out.

 "Mom if I was a monkey I would climb that tree, like George."

the tree I would climb

words for thought