June 21, 2011

Rhubarb Time

Rhubarb.  Oh how we love rhubarb.  It's ready to pick now and we were gifted a bunch.  What do I make with rhubarb you ask.  Jelly, pie, bread, muffins, crisps.  I want to try this cobbler from Pioneer Woman.

Rhubarb is so funny and tart.  

One of my favorite gifts this year are these mini pies.  You fill the jars with crust, filling, and pop the lid back on to freeze until ready to bake.  So with the yummy rhubarb sitting in my fridge I made some Strawberry Rhubarb mini pies to pass on to my Dad and Grandma.  (If the jars are returned I will refill them.)

Aren't they so cute?  Here is a Rhubarb Bread that I made.  It was the first time for this recipe, it made two loaves and was delicious.  We devoured it in a couple days.

  Lastly here is a crisp that I made.  Well it turned out to be a crisp.  My original plan was for it to be rhubarb bars, but it was too sticky and didn't firm up like it was suppose too.  So it turned into a crisp.

We are stocked with Cherry-Rhubarb jelly for now.

So glad rhubarb freezes excellently so we will enjoy it's rare taste all year long!


  1. man I wish I was in your kitchen having a snack with you - in your cooler weather.
    and thanks for the pics of your pie gifts. You told me about them but I didn't visualize them like this. So cute!

  2. I honestly think I've never had rhubarb! I'll have to get some.