May 28, 2008

For the Milk-truck Mamas

The Milk-truck. Yes that is what my father-in-law calls me, especially when Evan is reaching for me ready to eat! I don't mind it makes me laugh every time because it truly is what I am. There will be a day when I no longer am known as a milk-truck-I'm not ready for that yet.

I came across this website which has answered many of my questions about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding Essentials Becky Flora-Waterman is a certified lactation consultant. She's written many articles answering questions and sharing tips she's learned from her own experience. It's been helpful to me and hopefully will be to you.

milk truck

May 07, 2008

Four generations

Here stand four generations of Lucas men: Great Grandpa Ned, Grandpa Steve, TravDaddy, and Evan Alan. All who woke up in the wee hours of the morning to hunt down Mr.Tom Turkey. Evan of course stayed behind with Mama and cheered them on by wearing his own camo outfit. How lucky we are to have all four generations alive and well and enjoying the pastime of Turkeys. We love every moment we get to spend down at the farm.

May 01, 2008


We're addicted to Carrier! It has been a highlight of our evenings this past week. And I just discovered that tonight is the last night it's on :( Carrier is a documentary of what life is like aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. If you get a chance this evening from 9-11pm watch PBS. It has been so interesting and has given us even more respect for what the Navy and US Military do for our country. It is so great to learn new things...PBS is one of our favorite ways to do that now.