February 27, 2009


Evan loves food just like his Mama and Daddy. For the most part he's pretty adventurous with what he will eat, and our doctor gave us no restrictions for his diet so it's really great. As you read in my previous post, I love Peanut-butter and Jelly sandwiches as does Travis. So we wanted to share this love with little Ev. He was probably right around a year when he took his first bites of this delicious creation. After he ate about 1/2 the sandwich I noticed a little rash by his mouth. He sure didn't seem bothered by it though so he finished and we played with our friend monkey. About a month later we tried it again and immediately after eating a few bites, I saw this:

Panick...is that an allergic reaction? I immediately took the sandwich away and gave him something else. Evan just looked at me like "Yo Ma, What's Up?". You would never have known anything was wrong.

I brought these pictures in to show the doctor and he said it was just a food rash. But even though it was just a rash it still is an allergic reaction. We did a RAST blood test specifically for peanut and his results came back with a very small allergy. So no peanuts or nuts for Evan till after he's two and we do even more allergy tests. The doc thinks he'll grow out of it and pray he does.

February 25, 2009

It's about time...right?

Hi Friends. It's about time we start the update of the happenings in the Lucas' life. How amazing it is that a day, a week, even months can pass by before you realize you haven't shared your heart or precious moments with those who really care about you. We find joy in knowing we have a large family (friends and relatives) spread across this country and then some, who love us and enjoy the updates of our life. So let's begin and get you all caught up...

We start with lil' E. He's been doing it for awhile now, but here are some of His first steps we caught on camera. Our sweet little monkey can walk without assistance, oh how we love his proud smile! Enjoy.