June 23, 2011

YES. couldn't say it any better

Thank you Olya  at Life Inspired for posting this.  So often I am overwhelmed with feeling I HAVE to blog and where do I start because it's been awhile, and I want it to sound good, and look good, I don't know who actually reads this, I haven't edited my pics, I haven't taken any outstanding pics, I'm tired, are there expectations? **sigh**

"I'm trying a new thing to make sure I can document our life more consistently. Instead of trying to lump my photos into a themed post (which is ok when it's about something like a hike, visit or some other event), I am going to embrace the randomness of our daily life and not be afraid to be random here as well. Because in reality, our life consists of a myriad of random moments that happen throughout the day, every day. Trying to tie them together into one post with some deep meaningful title to go along with it is what often overwhelms me, takes too much time and causes me to not document those things after all." 

So here's to a fresh start. To daily, weekly musings of our lifes' randomness. Some posts will be well thought out, laid out, and pretty.  Some, not so much.  Just enjoy and see us for who we are.


  1. That last picture is ADORABLE! I sometimes feel the same way, I think the big thing about the blog world is connection. I love feeling connected to another person in their daily activities, hopefully it's the same with people who read my stuff.

  2. Well said! I often feel the same way about blogging--my blog isn't as good or as interesting as someone else's--is anyone even reading?! But, this is our life--read if you want to!