June 14, 2011

Spring Picnics

Oh how we love to picnic.  Whether it be at the park, in the back-yard, in the back of the jeep on a rainy day.  They are so simple and so joyous.  Late March of this year Nebraska hit record highs. So what better to do after a long cold winter? Picnic at the park.

Nadia's first picnic at 1 1/2 months old.

Evan playing in the sand while Nadia and Mama set up our blanket and food.


Our Spread:

Grape truck:
grape truck

Lunch chat and  reviewing the verses we know:

Play time:

 Back to the Sand

Monkey time:


Drive time...

da plane da plane

He's up and He's down.

Mom look at Me:

This way and that way:

Time to head home.  Miss Nadia needs to eat and we are worn out.

 "Mom if I was a monkey I would climb that tree, like George."

the tree I would climb


  1. Fun Park Pictures--and great job on the verse Evan!!

  2. Evan looks so big! His hair looks darker and he looks like a big boy.
    We need more Nadia pics too!