January 30, 2011

Green Smoothies

So many have asked.  

So here is how I make a green smoothie.

 We start with a banana.  This helps make it creamy.

 Next we add frozen fruit.  Any kind your lil' heart desires.
For this batch we used blueberries.

 We added a little bit of Rhubarb as I have a ton in my freezer.
Rhubarb is loaded with calcium and other goodness.

We topped it off with a spectrum blend of frozen fruit.  That includes peaches, mangos, and strawberries.

Add your liquid.  I use a juice sometimes or just water others.

 Blend it up, adding more liquid if needed.

 Time for the greens!
I like to use spinach as it blends the smoothest. 
 But we have used a variety of greens: lettuce, kale, carrot tops. 
I use about 2.5 cups of spinach or more sometimes.  If you are just starting out I may suggest a little less and build up to more added greens.  Blend really really well adding more liquid if you need it. 

I also add a squeeze of honey.  We usually buy local honey to help with our allergies.

 So proud of our cups!
My blender fills 2 16oz cups for Travis and I.  A cup for Evan. And an extra pint that I put in the fridge for me  the next day.  I am drinking a green smoothie every day and Travis + Evan have one every other day.
The key is to have a straw.  A good straw.  A wide straw to suck up that green smoothie bliss.  It is proven that the wider the straw the more you drink.  After I'm done with my smoothie I refill my cup with water the rest of the day.


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  1. hey - that's great. thank you, my dear...excited to try it ;-)