January 26, 2011

It Snowed...Again!!

It Snowed...Again:

So Daddy and Evan went out to shovel...Again:

(sorry it's long but it may make you laugh)

Evan remembered that sledding was apart of the shoveling deal...but Daddy wasn't quite ready.  Then it was time!  Only it ended with a face planted in the snow.  Hat and gloves flying off.  Sledding was done and Warm Cocoa required!

Daddy's comfort.

A few days later it snowed...again. (Can you believe it?)  Everything was outlined white.  There was an amazing peaceful beauty to be seen.  Crisp lines and hidden wonders.

We spotted some Turkeys.

Under a watchful eye. 

We had stayed the night with Gma Cathy and Gpa Steve. When we awoke, a friendly neighbor drove up the lane plowing the drive.  Pure bliss for our little man.

Joy of the tractor plow!
Even though this snow gets old and we long for Spring.  There is joy to be found if you slow down and take in the moments of each day.  Sip on some good coffee and watch.  Watch those around you, the trees in the field, the people at the market.  There is a new story to be told each day.
Simplify.  Slow down.  Enjoy.  You will be filled more than you expected.

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