December 01, 2013

December Photo Project 2013

It sure keeps us busy::
It amazes me how quickly the days pass by. Moments forgotten.
I feel I have failed our blog this year. So disappointing. So much passed by that was not documented or shared with those who care. We know you love us. Life for the Lucas' right now is still in transition. We are awaiting our house to be built. Jumping with excitement at each new stage of completion.  We are living in a basement, pieces of our life still boxed up. We have grown much. We have learned much. We are humbled. We are ok.

December 1
Today is December 1, it is the beginning of the December Photo Project. This is a project I have been waiting for. It is a time that truly helps me slow down and focus my eyes on my surroundings.  It is a time to document memories. I'm using it as a fresh start. This is how I will enter back into to the blogging world.

Are you excited?

I desire to live a life of fullness. To be content with what I have and where I am.
But I wrestle much with this!
I hope to be an example to those around me. A good role model to my children. I pray this month is a time of reflection and learning.
Here we go!

::December 1::

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