December 02, 2010

December 1

Coffee w/Sis

We were planning to meet up to visit a friend who is moving soon.  She works at a coffee shop in downtown Lincoln.  But as I approached the L town lights my sis called and said Saidi is sick and went home.  Rats. Now what was our plan?

We're both pregnant.  It was about snack time.  My sis calls back, "How does a donut sound?"  Never do I pass up a donut.  So we met for donuts and coffee at our beloved Mill.  The boys ate and played with cars and tractors and we Mama's got our fill of sweet goodness and conversation.

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  1. the Mill!!! Awww... I miss the mill... I had such a great latte-glass from there... which my cat broke last week!!! It nearly brought me to tears... I've had that glass for 12 years! And it reminded me of all the brilliant times I spent there when I lived in NE.... Sigh... I miss the Mill... I do!