January 09, 2009

New Favorite

So we've been listening to Pandora a lot lately. I listen and home and Travis will listen at work. We are so in love with this site and have found many new artist we really like. What is Pandora you ask? Pandora is an online free radio station. You create an account, enter in an artist you like and they will play that artist plus others that are similar. Your stations are saved so it's easy to jump from style or artist when your mood changes. Super cool! So our new favorite station is Shawn McDonald, his music is full of truth and has a funky beat. Thanks to our friend Desirae who introduced him to us. We listened to him while beating the guys in a game of Canasta and have listened to him since. Check him out I'm sure you'll enjoy him too.

Here is a picture of our sweet family taken when our newest nephew was born December 26. Love you all. Have a terrific, enjoyable weekend.


  1. You guys look so great.

    And I'm sorry but who is that supercute BIG KID on your lap????????

  2. Well I'll just have to check that out.

    Sweet little family. we miss you guys.

  3. fun times, i've heard good things about pandora from other iphone friends. i'll have to check it out.

  4. Man, who is that photographer of that photo? There's some talent there, I think he needs to go pro!!