January 22, 2009

Ode to the PBJ

Today I was craving a Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich. It's amazing how a sandwich I ate almost everyday as a kid still tastes wonderful. It's been awhile since I had one. Travis takes them for lunch once or twice a week. But since I'm trying to eat what Evan eats for lunch, and because he cannot have peanutbutter, I have been cutting down on my PBJ intake. It's so sad isn't it?

Today is different though. It's lunch time and Evan is still napping. Going down later for his nap has a hidden blessing for Mama. As I walk toward the kitchen to determine what we have for a quick lunch, I remember. Creamy peanut butter in the door of the pantry. Homeade blackberry jelly in the door of the fridge. Soft yummy wheat bread on the counter. Ouhhhh my heart skipped, I can have a PBJ and feed Evan when he wakes. How delightful! This was also my chance to partake in the fabulous Blackberry jelly Grandma Kate gave us for Christmas. The jar is almost half gone and I haven't had my share. Jelly made by Grandma Kate doesn't last to long in any Lucas house.

So here I am enjoying a delicious treat, the PBJ. Crunching on some chips and slurpping up my water. Pure joy.


  1. well...who can resist grandma Kate's food... I know I cant!!! Just the sound of it makes my mouth water... So yeah, you should take your share when you can... ha ha... :)
    I hung curtains on my livingroom today... Wich was a job not so easy, but hey... they came up in the end... the result is on my blog btw, if you feel like peaking... Say hallo to wee Evan, and Travis too... I miss you loads!!!

    kisses from Trine

  2. haha - Dave LOVES PB&J's, too! Nothing brings back childhood like one of those yummy sandwiches, huh? One question though...how can you drink water with it? I must have my milk!