January 16, 2009

Happy Friday

Hi Friends!
Happy Friday. Are you ready for the weekend?
We woke up to snow this morning, and it's still snowing a little bit right now. My friends Lando and Bria came over to play with me this morning. I was excited they were over but was also little shy too. It was kinda weird to see someone else play with my toys. We laughed and we cried a little. I was also happy to see them go home. I got excited when I saw them walking down the driveway. We shut the door and I started talking to my bear and running around while Mama made lunch. We're going to my Gma and Gpa's house tonight. They have a cat named Max. Max is so cool, he makes me laugh. I love him. Then tomorrow night I get to go to my other Gma and Gpa's house. I'm so lucky to be loved so much.
Have and rockin weekend everybody.
Peace out!


  1. oh my goodness I LOVE that picture!!! That one will definitely be saved on the Douglas computer! We miss you guys. Will call soon.
    I am still in Boston.

  2. what a fantastic photo of Evan...such a cutie he is :)