December 31, 2008

His promise.

" And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am." John 14:3

Sigh. Oh how I have found comfort in this verse this week. This is God's promise. He is off preparing a place for me and when it is finished he will come back and take me with him to see it. I can't even imagine how magnificent this place will be. It will be filled with all my hearts desires, desires I haven't even spoken out loud. Because my God knows every detail of my being it will be so intricately perfect and radiate his true love for me. Sigh. It's amazing isn't it?

We are here at another years end. This has been a year of many adjustments and now that I sit here thinking about it, I realize it went by fast. Tomorrow we will start a new day in a new year. How exciting! What will 2009 be like? I think it will be another year of adjusting. God knows we aren't totally happy here yet. Our lives have changed and we're still working on finding our fit in our community. It will also be a year of discovery. Evan is learning so much and now that he is mobile he will discover so much more. This makes us so excited. It is our pray that this is a year of true contentment. God is at work in us. I feel his pulls and tugs, but I have yet to understand some of them. I pray I am less stubborn this year and am able to rest in the potters hands. We are excited to use our house for God's glory. And we desire to grow deeper in our relationship and understanding of God, marriage, and parenthood.

So as we wait for the amazing place He is preparing for us, we start a new year with joy. We are eager for the sledding in winter, planting in the spring, swiming in summer, bonfires of fall, and the return of the snow. We pray we are able to slow down and enjoy a simple life.

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  1. Hallo! And happy new years to you! I hope you recevied my card, even if I had to send it to steve & cathy! I miss you tonns... and I love seeing Evan grow up in teh pictures you post... My house is slowely getting there, yesterday I finnished the bedroom. Pictures in my blog if you want to see. I love it, turned out just perfect...exactly like I imagined in my head... and I feel so lucky to be able to wake up there every day from now on! Love you all loads! Best wishes from the Norwegian one !!!