July 02, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary to our dearest friends Troy & Amy Douglas.
We love and miss you very much.
Keep being the rock-stars you are!


  1. Oh my gosh! Where in the world was that picture taken? That is funny!

    And thanks so much...your day is coming soon too!

  2. It was a rainy night in Rite Aid...our first trip to Vermont. You'll never know what pictures we have hidden away. ha ha ha

  3. This pic is priceless. lol

  4. hey you three :) I hope you're all well. I love popping in to see how my my "nephew" is doing these days. Also wanted to let you know I've got some pictures in my blog up, of the new house. Which desperatly needs paint, and my Trina touch... it's a classic example of Norwegian 90's decorating :)

    Miss you and love you lots, bless!