June 25, 2008

Praying Together

'A couple who prays together, stays together.'
This was our lesson this week in our marriage study. I don't know how many times we've heard this saying, and we know that it's true, but yet we still are not praying together on a regular basis. This week's chapters were so great for Travis and I to read. They really opened our minds to realize what we need to do more of. And that is Pray Together. I know that Travis prays regularly and I know that I do as well. But we realized our prayer time together has been in a bouncing pattern. We do, then we stop, then we're back at it, then it's gone. Why don't we pray together? Our answer...I don't know. Our prayer time together is before meals...and that seems to be it right now. We use to pray together at night just before bed, but our schedules are so off now that I usually fall asleep way before Travis. In the morning we're usually focused on getting Travis ready for work and we're trying to wake up for the day. Then we throw Evan into the mix and he requires our constant attention. Life changes, but our God never lets go. He continues to mold us as a couple and seeks our attention together and individually. We prayed together last night before bed. We chose one thing we wanted to pray about and we focused on that as we both bowed our heads. Praying together keeps us vulnerable. What a freeing feeling it is to share and trust as we confess and pray together. So we have made a commitment to work on praying together, to keep it a priority in our marriage. Please pray for us as we seek this goal. We encourage you to pray together as a couple, and see what our Lord has to say as you do.

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  1. Thanks for the thoughts Bec. It's so true and so hard to be consistent in.