June 04, 2008


I am LAZY. That is the only word I can think of to describe how I feel. It's a terrible feeling, though I admit it. I'm tired of my house not being organized. Yet each day passes and I haven't done anything to help it. I'm trying to watch less TV as it seems to just suck me into the couch like a vacuum. (the Browns were right, the Greyhound has a magnet that holds you on the cushion) I'm not meeting with my creator everyday. He is in my thoughts, but our conversations are not current. I'm not reaching out to meet people. And we all know if you wait for someone to talk to you it will never happen. I feel like something is holding me back and I haven't figured out what it is. But yet I do know what it is, it myself, my own laziness. I have dreams and desires of what I want to be and do, yet I haven't started walking towards them. So, today is the day that change. I know it may be slow but I think I've been looking at all the Big things and too far ahead and I need to focus on the NOW things. The small stuff, it really does matter and makes a difference. I seem to have a constant dialogue in my head and I need to start getting it out. Hence this blog. I know if I get it out it will be a way to push myself onward. Blogging will become a more regular thing.

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  1. Hey darlin. I know how you feel. Working for myself and been great but sometimes I find myself sleeping in way too late too often. I also have quite the TV addiction. :) I've been having a huge mental change since I started exercising 6 weeks ago. The body-mind-soul is so tightly connected!