September 29, 2007


So many meaningful things happening lately: Red Sox win AL East (finally), I find a job back in Nebraska, and of course my wife is in the last month of her pregnancy.

I will start with the least but all so important red sox. Watching the Yankees lose in extra innings last night to the Orioles was a beautiful thing. Bring on the Angels!

If you have not heard,...yes it is official...bec and I will be moving back to the good life soon. Finding a job sealed the deal a few weeks ago. Now we spend our free time planning a baby + move...sounds impossible but by faith and prayers anything is possible.

My wife is still as beautiful as the day I married her. I tell her she is so cute with that "baby belly" but she doesn't believe me. She is doing so well. So far we have went to a breastfeeding and labor class. We are learning so much but am sure we will learn the most come October 23rd.

Keep an eye on our blog these next couple never know what might be coming next. wink, wink.

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  1. October 23rd! Wow...I just didn't put two and two together. Yeah, the little one will be here a lot sooner than I thought!