September 03, 2007

Daddy News

This is a first blog ever...can you see me? ok. I think this is working.

So you are probably dying to know how this daddy is doing throughout this pregnancy...yes I said it daddy...I still go through weeks and kind of forget that the day is fast approaching and then there are other weeks when I am like, "Holy Crap, I am going to be a dad!"

It has been so great watching Becca get more and more of a belly. My favorite is her belly button starting to poke out. I call it my "baby microphone" talk into it so the baby can hear you. My wife is the most amazing woman I know and am excited to experience the gift of life with her.

More to come...that is if all of this is posted and my time was not wasted.


  1. Trav-daddy, I am at the farm at the kitchen table with the computer set up. Ned and Kate got a kick out of your blog page and pictures. Your picture is pretty silly pretty hard to believe the guy in the picture is a daddy. Grandma says to tell lyou she just had a bjowl of homemade ice cream and home made rasberry topping.see you steve

  2. YMMMM we can't wait for our next bowl of Lucas icecream!