September 14, 2007

34 Weeks!

We're at 34 weeks and growing strong! Yesterday we had our check up with Dr. McCrary and all is well. My weight, blood pressure are all great. Baby's heart-beat is 150 nice and strong. Dr.McCrary said we won't have a big baby, but it'll be a nice size. We have nothing to worry about. YeeHaw!

We signed up for 2 classes at the hospital. Sunday night we have a Breastfeeding class and next weekend we have a Prepared Childbirth class. We were lucky to get into the classes as they were filling up quickly and the next classes were closer and closer to our due date. It's amazing how time is flying by and how baby will be here very shortly. We still have some preparation to do and items to get so we're ready for that big day.

My husband took me on a shopping spree yesterday. How awesome is He? As the season is changing and the cool weather is here, we realized I didn't have any Fall clothes. I had 2 pairs of pants and 2 long sleeve shirts. None of my jackets fit around me any more. We hit up the GAP, Motherhood, and JCPenny. Now I should be set for the Fall. I can't explain how great it feels to wear jeans that actually fit! I am a now a Good Lookin Mama!

We also decided last night to take a spur of the moment Baby Moon to Portland, ME before we're no longer a family of 2 but of 3. We're staying at the Wild Iris Inn B&B ( tonight and will spend the day up there tomorrow. We'll be in the Lupine room which has a private bath en suite. The private bath will be great for my night time journeys to the toilet. Baby still likes to push against Mama's bladder-the lil' darlin. We'll post an update of our Baby Moon when we return. It's suppose to be a beautiful fall day!

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  1. Yeah, you're getting so close! Good for you guys to enjoy some time as just the two of you. It's awesome to be three but you can never go back to two so enjoy now!