September 11, 2007

Baby Shower - 9/8/2007

First off...Guys usually do not partake in baby shower festivities but in recent years for some reason this has become a trend. People I guess refer to them as " Jack and Jill" parties. So it was a little weird for all of the guys going in the first place but once we got there it was a lot of fun.

The theme of our shower was "Baby Olympics". We all got into teams and competed in various events. Becca, Amber (bec's sister), Jacob (bec's brother-in-law) and I's team was appropriately named "Babylicioius". However, our awesome name was not enough to lead us to victory. But we did have fun competing in various events including: diaper mystery (name the chewed/spit out candy bar in the diaper...very gross looking by the way), baby feud, and baby gift bingo. Our friend amy did a great job organizing everything. Thanks Amy!

Of course we racked up on baby gifts. Some of our favs included a car seat (+extra base for grandma/babysitter to put in car :) , and also a onesie (did I spell that right...i have a long way to go as a dad I think but i'm ready to learn) with a picture of bec and I on the front saying "This is Why I'm Hot". funny, and also a great diaper bag in which the model is sporting for everyone at the party (see above picture) .

We are very blessed to have a family here in Boston. It was amazing sitting at our shower seeing all of our friends come together that we have grown to love over these past years. Thanks for the fun time guys.

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  1. Hope you guys had a fun time. I guess Chris and I will just pop our baby gifts we bought in the mail.

    Babylicious...too funny!!