May 25, 2012

reading aloud

Friday. Late morning. I'm studying our Sunday School lesson.  Evan asks me to read the story to him. So I open my bible and read the words. 
Gods words.

Our story is about Jesus' trial before he is crucified.  The story ends just before the crucifixion takes place. 

He asks me to keep reading. So I read aloud the words. 

This is fun. I love reading aloud these important, truthful words to my son. He is listening. He is soaking up what he hears and is paying attention.  

He asks me questions. 

I pause. He asks if there is more to the story. I say yes. 

He asks for a break. There are pieces of dried bread we put out on the deck rail to be broken for the birds. He wants to finish that job. 
So we break.  

The neighbor kids are out.  He watches them. I hear, "Evan is out. Evan is out." They tell him to ask if he can come play.  

He responds, "But my Mom is reading a story to me. 
I can't play right now."

My heart, it's skipped a beat and is leaping with joy. 
This is important. Right now, in this moment. This is what He needs. I need. To hear the words and story of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I want to remember this moment. Lord give us more of them.

Thank you Father above for my sweet crazy ambitious son!

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