May 10, 2012

Kids say

While putting Nadia down for her nap I hear this conversation:

Neighbor kids run to screen door, "Hi Evan."

Evan, "Hi".

NK:  "Can you ask your Mom if you can come play?"

E:  "Well we are eating our lunch. But after I am done I will come outside."

NK:  "Oouh, where did you buy those tacos?"

E:  "We made them."

NK:  "Did you buy them at Taco Bells?"

E:  "No we made them here."

NK: "Why don't you ever go?"

E:  "What?"

NK:  "Why don't you ever go? You just stay. Does your Mom not even have a job?"

E:  Long pause, speaks hesitantly, "No."

E: "I have to eat my lunch."

NK: "Ok."

It's been playing over in my head all afternoon and evening.

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  1. How funny, this made me smile! We have little inquisitive neighbor kids as well... : )

    Thanks for following my blog, it's a joy to have you there!