May 09, 2012

Change is gonna come

Ever feel like there is another person inside you scratching to get out.  You know your 'inner voice'?  The voice that speaks your thoughts, desires, and dreams. 
That voice only you can hear?

Someday's I feel there is a whole different side of me that I want to become. I live her out in my day dreams, and my night dreams.  
But for some reason, she is not fully lived out of my head.  

Have you ever felt so strongly that ♫♪ CHANGE is gonna come ♫♪♫.

I am so blissed out at the thought of this!

I am desiring change, in so many ways! 

I am ready to embrace the funky-spirited gal who is scratching inside of me.  She wants to be known.  I am ready to be true to me. Be true to my family. Obey my heavenly Father who created my being and intricately put me together.

He knows me.

He knows where I am and how I act. He knows where I am going and who I am to become.  He is still growing me. Oh how cool that is!  He is still molding me and will never stop until he calls me home.

Fear takes hold.  Of course it does. With change is vulnerability. Where will I stand; with my feet in sand or on the rock?  

Will my change be accepted?  He answers. "If you are honoring me, why are you worried."    

Girlfriend. Get some confidence.  Rely on the Lord, it is He who will strengthen you.  It is He who gives joy.  He gives you your time. 
He will give you contentment if you are TRULY focused on him! 

So do it!

Start fresh. Early in the morn. Rise with the birds. Honor with your dwelling. 
Give your time to your Family. Play hard. Seek knowledge. READ. Work the earth. 
Spin your bike. Dance in your hoop. 
Be present. Joy-filled. Laugh loud. Make new friends.
Lead by example. 
Give it to the Lord, He is waiting for you.

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