October 19, 2007

Tears at the Grocery Store

This is my first week to be at home while we wait for baby to come. It's been so great.

Wednesday I made a grocery list but was too tired to actually go to the store. So today was the day I would go to the store. All went well, I mosied up and down each isle in no rush. I finally had all the items crossed off my list and headed up to the check out counter. Much to my suprise the first register I pulled up to had only one person standing in line. It was an older gentleman who was questioning the price of one of his items. As I was emptying my cart the manager came over to help the checker. I was almost done emptying my cart when the manager looked at me (for the 4th time) and said, "Oh hun you know this lane just turned into an express 12 items or less right? It looks like you have more than 12 items." I just stood there and stared at her for a minute, looked up at the lane light to see the express lane-just-light up. At the moment the checker looked down at the belt and said, " ouhhhhh". That was it. So I started to de-load my items from the belt back into my cart to move to another lane. This is when the prego hormones kicked into HIGH gear...Instant tears start rolling down my face as I continue to remove my items. Now anyone who has gone grocery shopping with me knows I have a strategy in unloading my cart onto the belt. This drives my husband crazy!! I sort my groceries out as I place them on the belt-boxed foods, dairy, meat, vegies, cans all go on together so they are bagged correctly. As I was taking my items off the belt I was thinking about how nicely I had placed them in my cart from the beginning so it was easy to unload quickly. I just didn't care anymore and was throwing everything back into my cart and the tears just keep coming and coming. This is the moment I realized I am done. I am ready to just stay at home and wait for this baby to come. I am exhausted and just wanted to get home as quickly as possible. When I was walking out of the store I was greeted with a downpour of rain. I stood outside under the awning for a few minutes and decided I could care less I just wanted to get home. So I threw the groceries in the trunk and jumped in the car without being completely soaked.

I am so happy to be home. Eating some amazing Kraft Mac & Cheese and ready to curl up on the couch. This baby has mama's emotions all stirred up today. I can't wait to find out what happens when I actually hold it in my arms.

Happy Friday to you all!


  1. Oh Becs... I'm sorry, but this had me laughing out loud!!!! You are too funny... I cant wait for this baby to arrive either. Got a lovely packet in my mail today. From ma & pa Lucas... a t-shirt from Salem... I was so thrilled... I miss you all so much!!! I really should be saving up to go see you all...

    I'm stranded in Norway alone these days. Ole is in Wales. And it's driving me crazy with jealousy and worry... Probably because he still doesnt love me *(whatever...) and so officially we're just friends... allthough we practically live together o.O


    hang in there... the baby will be here soon...

    Love you.
    - Blessed be


  2. Becca, those hormones will do crazy things to you, huh? It's annoying that they didn't give you some grace because you were a) super pregnant and b) you and already unloaded. Arg. Hang in there. I hope your little baby comes soooooon. :)

  3. I will have you know that I was two steps away from driving over to the store and chewing some butt letting them know that we will never be back..but my beautiful and most gracious wife calmed me down. I'm a better man with you in my life Rebecca.

  4. Bec If yklou were in nebr they would have checked you wilth a bigg simile and carried your grojcries to the car. And if in norway they would have stuck their tongue at you. You should go back to the same scum and stand in line till your water breaks . travdaddy would have done a double leg take down. Everyone should be 9 months prego for a day and the world would be a better place. just remember we all love you bye steveo

  5. Oh, little mama! I remember those days...luckily this means you are very close to the end...soon you'll have that wonderful little miracle in your arms and be pouring forth an all new set of tears! Can't wait to meet him/her. When you move please call me or email if I can do ANYTHING! You'll be getting a meal from us for sure. :)

  6. I would have apologized for error and told the dolt that he could either go ahead and ring it up or put the groceries back on the shelf, cuz they were stayin' there.