October 20, 2007


Last week a good friend of mine emailed me with the news of ALCS tickets. Unfortunately, it was the game we lost 13-6 in the 11th inning meaning getting to bed around 2:45AM. But what a game.!..back to back homers by Manny and Mike was definately the highlight.

Watching the Red Sox crush the so called "Tribe" at the Fens tonight to tie the series was great. Our baby was moving like crazy as Schilling drove us to victory. Bring on Game 7 baby!

Rumor has it I may have the opportunity to go to a world Series game (b/c the BoSox will go!)...but you know I am staying home because I am going to be a daddy any day!

1 comment:

  1. any time now Travis... how exciting... look at you with the carseat... ha ha...

    hey I got a blog too...it's very boring as of now, but will be better...