November 18, 2010

Lil' Monstah Birthday Bash

Our lil' Evan is 3 years old! Can you believe it? It seems like yesterday he was just a sweet little baby. Now he is a sweet and ornery big boy. We Lucas' celebrate the birthday week. Evan's week started off with some fancy #3 pancakes.

Douglas' and Evan's 3 Bday 2010 084

Douglas' and Evan's 3 Bday 2010 083

Pancakes are Evan's favorite breakfast. When asked what he would like to eat, pancakes is always in his list of foods he wants! They are so much more fun when in special shapes or in this case a special number.

Next on the birthday agenda was to make sugar cookies. Because Evan's big day fell in the middle of the week and we were going to celebrate with family over the weekend we opted for Bday cookies and held off on the cake. HE had no problem with that.

Bday cookies

For Evan's birthday dinner we asked him what he would like. We told him he could have ANYTHING he wanted. His response to that, "Hmm, I like broccoli, and carrots, and apple pie!". Not really the respose we thought we would get. So we brainstormed what his favorite foods were...and honestly what this Mama was craving. We ended up at El'Bee's for tacos!

Birthday dinner

Dinner was fabulous and fun to celebrate our big boy! He is quite a charmer and a funny guy!! When we were finished it was time to get home to finish those cookies. We waited to frost until Daddy came home.

Cookie frosting time

When cookies were finished it was time to reveal his special Bday gift.

Firetruck play hut

His squeal of excitement was the reaction we wanted. We've already rescued many with our new firetruck play hut.

To continue birthday week, we went on a nature walk and collected items of Fall. It was a chilly walk, so when we came home we made a batch of Hot Cocoa mix. Evan had to eat off the marshmallows before he could partake in the yummy warm chocolate goodness!

Cocoa & Marshmellows :)

After we were warmed up, we laid out our collection and made our Fall collage.

Fall collage

The fun continues...PARTY TIME!


Our Lil' Monstah Birthday Bash was celebrated with family and Evan's favorite cousins! He sure felt loved when he was opening all his birthday presents. It was funny to see him try to control his excitement!

Present time

When all presents were opened, it was everyone's favorite time...CAKE time!!

This fall Evan has been obsessed with Firetrucks and Spiders. So I combined them into one cake:

Douglas' and Evan's 3 Bday 2010 145

It passed inspection.

Douglas' and Evan's 3 Bday 2010 177

We celebrated Evan's birthday on Halloween day. So after everyone enjoyed their cake and ice-cream all the cousins prepared for Trick or treating! How fun to see all of them in their costumes together. The photo shoot took a few tries, but the pictures are priceless. It willd be fun to continue a tradition costume pics each year.

Cousins and costumes

Birthday week ended with trick or treating. This was so much fun this year as Evan totally understood the concept. Ring door bell...say "trick or treat"...receive candy. Our MOTORCYCLE MAN was enjoying every moment of his special day!

Trick or treat

Evan you are our joy and we are so blessed by you every day. We thank our Lord for your life and your growth. We pray you continue to explore and learn about Him and life each day.

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  1. I love this birthday week idea!! That firetruck tent is perfect and such a good deal! Love it...Evan is so blessed to have such wonderful parents!