November 23, 2010

♥ For Love of Play ♥

Travis had a meeting last night at Mahoney State Park. So Evan and I went along and were dropped off at the Activity Center. It was my first time in the indoor play-gym and wow was I impressed. This thing is huge and so much fun. It was a bit hard for my preggo body to squirm through the tunnels and small openings, but I made it! For $2/person this place was amazing. We practically had it all to ourselves except for a lil' girl, maybe two years old who was there with her Daddy. Evan clung on to her and kept calling her his baby sister. I really wonder if he knows something more than we do, because he will correct us if we mention that our baby could be a boy.

Evan had so much fun. What joy it was to see his excitement and eagerness to explore. It was awesome to see him work hard and accomplish a climb without help, and then have him look at Me to see if I was watching. We had such a good time!!





As you can see it was quite difficult to catch a shot without movement. Even if I got Evan to stop for a second I was still too slow. I blame it on the camera phone not on my reaction time. ;)





"Evan hold still so Mama can take a picture of you in the balls."


"Please stop so Mama can take your picture.?!"


I'm getting better...


"A ohhh please look a Mama, I just want one nice picture."


SUCCESS!!! "Thank you Evan!"

We most definitely will be going back. There is an ice-skating rink attached to the play-gym which we want to take Evan too as well. The ice-skating rink holds a special spot in my heart as it is where Travis took me before he proposed. Ohhh he is so darn sweet that man of mine!

Wishing you all a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving Day. May it be full of fun and play, and may you be reminded of all the little things in which you are thankful for!!!

Much love to you from us Lucas'!

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