September 22, 2010

storytime ruined. preggo waterworks

4th January - Story time

It was storytime today at the library. I asked Evan if he wanted to go this morning and he shouted, "YES, yay go to library!". So we got ourselves ready and headed out on time. The entire trip to the library we were reviewing the rules of behavior.
-Walk, don't run.
-Stay with Mama.
-Whisper, do not talk loud.
-Sit while the story is read.
-Listen and obey.
If the rules are not followed we will leave immediately. Even if that means we leave with no new books. Not fun for Evan, not fun for Mama.

When we walked into the storytime room it was a packed house. We spotted a spot on the floor in the back next to a mom with a baby in a stroller and a 3 yr old on her lap. Immediately I felt she was annoyed that we had sat next to her. Brush it off right. Evan was being ok, but it was hard to see so he stood up to listen. I thought this was ok since we were in the back and he is a 2 yr old who is crazy busy. But the Mama next to us thought this entirely inappropriate. She leaned real close to Evan and said, "You need to sit down!". Shocked I realized Evan could have been standing slightly in front of her so I grabbed him to sit on my lap and explained he could have been blocking her view. Of course he didn't want to sit on my lap and returned to his standing position.

WIGGLE TIME. Phewww...saved by wiggle time. Everyone up to do actions to the song. Sit time for more stories. No sit time for Evan. Now Mama next to us was loudly talking to her daughter about having to move over to see the story. At this point I grabbed Evan and said we need to sit and listen or we may have to leave. So he sat and decided he should take his shoes off. I hear an "Oh my gosh, really." from Mama next door. I still brush it off, though I am starting to feel my blood pressure rise. Evan I step to the back of the room and get his shoes back on. He has calmed down and wants to go sit to listen to the rest of the story. At this point I realized that rude Mama had scooted over to occupy the space we were sitting with her body and her stroller. So I tell Evan if he wants to go sit closer he can but Mama was staying in the way back. At this time even more people had shown up and were in the back with me. Evan came back because he wanted a tissue. But he only wanted a tissue to rip up and throw up the in the air. So we pick up all the tissue and are ready to leave and a Mom in the back says, "He acts just like mine over there.;)". This calms me and I tell her that we reviewed the rules before we came in and. She stopped me and said they do everytime too, but it never seems to work. Thanks for making me feel better I think. Evan then is back and forth and rude Mama ahead turns around and glares at Him and ME.

Cue waterworks. Tears, they just wouldn't stop. Feeling judged. Wanting to roll my eyes because I know it's because I pregnant that I'm crying. Why can't I stop? Evan came back to give me a hug and used his bits of tissue to wipe my tears. Which made me laugh and cry more. Story time over and music time begins. Things are looking up. My tears stop. Evan plays a few different instruments and is ready to go look at books. The rest of our library time was excellent. Enjoyable.

I know for future times, we must always sit in the way back. But it got me thinking on my way home about how judged I felt today. It was awful. Why are we so judging of others? Especially with other Mama's. When all our kids are around the same age don't they have some behavior in common. Can't we relate at certain times that I've dealt with that too? Boys are different than girls. Evan for the most part was just fine. No one else seemed bothered by his moving around. It was one lady that ruined our morning.

May I always have a loving spirit, producing joy around me.


  1. wow. not fun. I am so thinking of your preggo experience in the grocery store line last time. people need to just know that they need to be extra kind, extra understanding to our sweet little preggo mamas who are also dealing with a toddler. You would think she would have sympathized. I'm sure her child is always perfect in the library. if so, she's the only one I know. whatever. library is hard. we just keep working at it, right? boy, good thing Evan had that tissue ready for you. He knew what he was doing. cutie.

  2. Obviously she's one of those mom's that think their child is the perfect one, when in reality their wrong. Trust me, I have experienced these kinds of moms. Sounds like you did great, in a frustrating situation. Shrug off that bitter lady's attitude. I'm sorry she made storytime so rough for you. You have to know that there were other moms there that had your back and were annoyed with that same lady! Kudos to the mom that encouraged you!! And what a sweetheart E-man was! Lots of love to you. And kudos to you too for not saying something to that mom!