September 16, 2010

September storm

The storm we had last night moved through so fast. We watched it grow as we were eating dinner and then watched it move across the sky. High winds, heavy rain, hail. No damage but amazing to watch!

Becca look at the cloud building out there. It's looks nasty:
September storm 1

I can't believe how fast it's moving. Keep your eye out for rotation.
September storm 2

It's past and bright again. So weird and a lil' creepy.
September storm 3

We thank the Lord for the rain to water in the fertilizer Travis put down. And for the free water on our garden. I still have a pumpkin we're waiting to turn orange. Mostly we thank Him for the cool day the storm brought us today. I'm so ready for this crisp cool air!


  1. WOW!!! Really cool pictures. How could you not believe in God after seeing those!!! Such power.

  2. Wow... I miss those Nebraska Storms... I really do :) Even if they are a bit scary sometimes!!! Great pictures!