August 23, 2010

Our Lil' Chef

For the past two weeks Evan has become obsessed with cooking. He is our Lil' Chef. We found an old apron of mine that when tied appropriately fits around him great. It is HIS apron. At even a mention of making breakfast/dinner he runs as fast as he can saying "Evan cook too!" It is awesome!

Picking out a peach for a Sunday dinner fruit salad.

Learning to pit a cherry.

Fruit salad complete.


Saturday morning pancakes with Dad. Curious George style of course with added blueberries!

Evan we love your desire to cook. You are learning so much about food and where it comes from. We love your creativeness. Keep it up big boy!


  1. Awww... so cute! I am so happy you've started blogging again. Now I can follow your lives, even if I'm not there...

    miss you terribly!

    lots of love

  2. What cute pictures! Evan can cook for me anytime...I also prefer the curious george pancakes ;-) he's gonna make such a great big brother :) :) :)