August 16, 2010

Lauritzen Gardens one of our early summah adventures

Welcome to the Garden:

On the tram with Grandma Cathy. On our way to the rose garden.

So beautiful!

Smells of heaven.

Of course there was plenty of time spent at the model train garden.

Evan enthralled with the trains going by, totally oblivious to the train above his head.

Sandhill Cranes

I love me some poppies! Such happy flowers.

And then an awesome sight of a large hawk being followed by a smaller bird.

They just soared through the sky so peacefully.

The lilly pond was full of frogs large and small. and large beautiful pads.

Hard to see but there is a fatty frog croaking in the reeds.

The day wouldn't be complete without spotting a wild turkey roaming around.

Ending our day back on the tram.

If you have never made a visit to Lauritzen Gardens it is a magical and relaxing place. We have been a few times and enjoy it more each time we go. Thank you Grandma Cathy for a wonderful day. Sorry it took so long to get our pictures up! We love you so very much!


  1. oh man - what a great idea! i haven't done that for a couple years, and it would be a great activity before the chilly weather rolls around :( we should try to go together'd be so fun!

  2. We would love that! I bet it's awesome in the fall too.