March 02, 2009


We're really starting to notice Evan copy things that we do. It's the cutest discovery that he is mimicking adults. Such a smart cookie he is. Here he is calling his girls up. Audrey, Eden, Cambria...the list has started, though he always has a smile when we say Audrey! ;)

Yes he drives and dials. We'll have to figure that one out when his speed gets faster. Happy Monday to you.


  1. We wondered who Audrey had been talking to on the phone!

  2. Haha - Awesome!

    That lil' man is SO STINKIN' ADORABLE!! I'm glad he's doing so well. Makes me miss you guys so much - he looks so much like Trav and at the same time he's the spitting image of Bec. Crazy how kids can do that. (Those cheeks, though...)

  3. Cute pics! I bet his girls love when he call them. As long as he doesn't crash into the walls while he is talking ;)