August 21, 2008

Stats Are In

Evan had is 9 month check up on Monday. All is well and our little boy is growing strong and mighty. Here are the stats:
Weight: 18.5 pounds = 10%
Height: 29.25 inches = 70%
Head Circumference: 47 = 85%
So our baby continues to be LONG and LEAN with a big Lucas head. I asked about his low percentage of weight and the doctor had no worries. He said that at this age is when they really start looking at the parents as genes will kick in and the child will start taking after the parents. So if Mama and Daddy are thin, they expect the baby to be as well. We had no shots this time, only a finger prick, in which Evan looked at nurse Judy like "Are you for real? What the heck was that?" No crying just a look of confusion. As Dr. Davey and I chatted, Evan enjoyed ripping up the paper bed liner only eating a few bites of it as well as the cotton ball used on his finger. Good times. Now we start introducing more finger foods and start weaning off all pureed foods. Exciting for Evan, a little sad for Mama. I so enjoy making Evan's food I'm not quite ready to quit. He's growing so darn fast 1 Year is right around the corner. GASP!

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