April 16, 2008

Sweetest Boy

Hello world
Originally uploaded by Lucas Joyful Pics
Evan. My sweet love. You are such a joy. You are funny and oh so curious. You love your blue bird, and your monkey George. You have the greatest smile. I love how when you wake up you just lay in your crib and look at your hands and feet. You coo at your monkey George(thanks Brennan) and have started to reach up to pull down your music lamb (thanks Carolynne) You squeal and kick your feet when you're really excited. You've started to push out your lips and tongue when you're sad and upset. You love your Daddy, but always want your Mama. (Mama loves this) Please keep learning and discovering. Keep laughing and smiling. Keep being the blessing you are.


  1. Lookin' good! I finally found out how to look at all of your other photos so I was excited to be able to see more of Evan growing up. And I hear you're going to be back in town soon. Yeah! We can't wait to see you!

    Side note - Those Happy Foody/Live Lightly Tour blogs are really interesting! Do you know them somehow? I've learned so much, I'd love to talk to you about them. Hope all is well in Nebraska!

  2. Happy Foody/Live lightly is a friend of many friends of mine. They were in Boston last fall and I tried to connect with them but our lil'boy decided it was time to meet the world. Sara has taught me so much as well! Glad you enjoy reading her blogs.

  3. FYI - we WERE drinking green smoothies! We tried peach and spinach. YUM! I am just so impressed with Sara's convictions that her lifestyle is how God intends us to live...especially her anti-consumerism and "compact lifestyle." It takes me back to a special email you once wrote me and I've prayed for changes ever since!

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