April 01, 2008

I've been cheating...

Cheese Crotch
and have now discovered that my lil' snitches here and there really are a big deal. As you know we are trying to see if Evan is MSPI so we eliminating Dairy, Soy, and Nuts from our diet. This is very difficult for us as we LOVE cheese, milk, asian, indian, bread....the list goes on and on. Now we are reading every food label, which is something Travis did anyway. Over the weekend Travis went Turkey hunting with his dad, so I spent the weekend in Lincoln. I discovered that it is REALLY hard for me to eat when I'm not at home, so I cheated a little here and there thinking that it wouldn't be a big deal. I know that when you drink alcohol or caffeine you need to wait 4hours for it to pass through your system-I was thinking this was the same for Dairy. I WAS WRONG! I read on kellymom that it can take 10 days -3 weeks to eliminate the milk protein from your system. That means every time I cheat have milk or cheese I am just starting over from the beginning.

We're not even sure if Evan does have MSPI. This is just a trial period to see if we notice a difference in his stools. So far I'm not sure if we do. Which makes the diet even more frustrating. Please pray that I can stick with it and that each time I am frustrated that I remember it could really be helping Evan. We love food and the challenge of cooking MSPI free is exciting and tiring at the same time. So for now I will just dream of cheese...


  1. Can you try soy cheese or is that bad for Evan too?

  2. Soy is included in MSPI b/c the protein is similar to dairy protein and the same goes for nuts. We have been eating Sunflower butter...it is actually really good and Travis likes it better than peanut butter :)