March 04, 2008

Dearest Friends

Our dearest friends-The Browns-We miss you!

Little did we know that moving to Boston would lead us in meeting the Browns who became our dearest friends. Not only are they friends...we discovered they are in fact family. A long lost cousin Danny is - our Great Grandparents married and forever connected us.

Life brings all sorts of crazy wacky things. It amazes me that my Lord has this plan laid out for my life. He's constantly shows me what being apart of his family means. He teaches me what trust is and how easily my life becomes a disaster when I don't trust him. His guidance is all I need and the only way I can continually receive his guidance is to be in conversation with him daily.

I find myself in constant conversation with my son as I am with him each day. Evan gives me his full attention and desires to be near me all the time. I imagine that is what my God is like with me, he is in constant conversation with me. Only rarely do I give him my full attention-all day. I may have a conversation with him, but that's it, he is left to talk with himself until I decide I want to respond back.

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