March 17, 2008

another lesson learned

We just learned last night that we should be changing Evan's pacifier every 4 weeks. Who knew these things? We misplaced his favorite pacifier yesterday so I opened a new package and read the directions on the label. We were a bit shocked and have now thrown out all the paci's he has used. Another lesson learned by new parents.


  1. I had no clue...hmmm. Maybe I'll see you today at Mums?

  2. hey becca, i was surprised when i saw that too, at first i thought it was just a dumb scam to get you to buy them over and over, until i started sanitizing and realized that water gets inside when you wash it (so probably when kids are sucking away on them too)

    who knows what evils lurk in the heart of binkies?

    keep having fun in mommy adventure land!