March 16, 2012

Nadia's Birthday Celebration

Our sweet birdie turned ONE year old February 1st.

Oh how she had weeks of celebration.  On her actual Birth Day, Grandma and Grandpa Lucas took her to The Amazing Pizza Machine. I mean where else would a birthday girl want to go? Though she was a wee one for most games, she loved every minute of the noise and lights. Big brother had a blast letting loose and playing with Gpa Steve.

It was my first time ever to Pizza Machine. What a fabulous place to burn off kiddo energy. What a fabulous place to pick up germs. I hate to say but that is what was going through my head the entire time we were there. Protective Mother bird I am.

He saved me from being eaten! "Wresting dinosaurs is my past-time."

Love those sleepy lips.

Birthday celebrations continued through the next week and we celebrated with family. The little love 'turned on' the charm and worked the crowd.

Love being close to family.

Evan helped make our Happy Birthday banner and hanging yarn balls. He was so exciting to help with Sissy's party.  These notes were hung all around the house.

Happy Birthday Sweet Little Birdie of mine.

Untitled from Rebecca Lucas on Vimeo.

More cake eating. Listen to her MMMMM.

Untitled from Rebecca Lucas on Vimeo.

Slowing down. Love her so very much.

Untitled from Rebecca Lucas on Vimeo.

This girl ROCKS!
 She is awesome. In every way. She is feisty and sweet.

We are happy and proud. Thankful for a creator who blesses over and over!

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