February 01, 2012

Nadia Ruth

A year ago today we were happy to be in the hospital meeting our little girl as it blizzard outside. Our Lord blessed us with a healthy sweet baby girl who has brought so much joy! This past year went by so fast. Nadia you have grown strong and are so much fun. You are going to be funny. You love to make us laugh. You love to bounce to the beat. Oh how you adore your big Brother. Your favorite part of the day is when Daddy returns home from work. We hear a squeal and you move as fast as you can to his arms. This melts my heart!

Sweet Baby Ruth, I pray you grow strong and confident. That you are loving and gentle. That you love Jesus with every part of your being. Be happy and joy-filled! Dance crazy and see the beauty of the colorful earth. You are loved. You are a delight. ♥ Mama and Daddy.

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