January 30, 2012

January Days

Who new at the beginning of January we would be:

Reading our library books out on the deck. With cocoa in hand, wrapped in blankets feeling the sun warm and bright. Good times.

Who new at the end of January we would be walking to the park:

shedding our coats and returning home to eat an Icee Pop.

Who new our sweet animal friends would get to play on a jungle gym built just for them?

Imaginations are a wonderful thing. January you have treated us well. Thank you for starting off our year with happy, fun, warm, bright, and encouraging days! Our year is just beginning and we are blessed by it. God is good, always good. He is teaching us everyday. Using us more than we could have thought. He is love and we are trying our best to show it to the world. Enjoy these last days of January for February is ready to start!

1 comment:

  1. Good stuff Becca. We had an unusually warm January as well. Although the rain seems to be picking up as of late. I will have to enjoy the rainless days a little more the next few months cause they will likely be few and far between.