October 14, 2011

Frumps to Pumps

Are you feeling a bit frumptastic like other Women/Mamas? Sign up for the Get Dressed Challenge.  If I am going to be honest I must admit this totally intimidates me.  I wonder if it is possible, if I can do it.  What work it will have me do. I will have to lay out my clothes the night before. I may have to get up even earlier than I do, which will be hard as I am still getting up 1-2 times a night with Nadia. But I love the challenge. I know I will feel so much better, confident, ready for my day.  I know Travis will love seeing me out of my frumps, though he never says a word.  My kiddos will even be impressed.  Evan now compliments me when I take time to dress from head to toe.  Like it's a new thing or something.  Monday is the starting day.  Want to join with me?

The Get Dressed Challenge!

What is the “Get Dressed!” Challenge? It’s a one-month motivotional (motivation + devotional) where you are encouraged to go from “frumps” to “pumps” in the everyday. Why a month? The goal with “Get Dressed!” is to help you build into the habit of getting dressed and looking nice everyday.
Are you ready? Let’s get dressed!

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