July 29, 2011

Jonah and the Whale

A few weeks ago we taught the lesson of Jonah and the Whale in Sunday School.  This is Evan's most favorite story ever.  We have a veggie-tales movie about it.  We have multiple books about it.  So when we taught it in Sunday School Evan became even more thrilled to hear the story with all of his friends.

We decided to make sugar cookies as I found a new recipe. An amazing recipe I might add that requires no refrigeration and waiting. In my collection of cookie cutters we found a Whale and I had a Boy cutter too.  Evan, " Mom, we can make Jonah and Whale cookies!!!!".  ***Excitement squeals***


Phone photography isn't always the best, but you get the idea.


"Mom you frost the pretty ones and I will frost the Jonah's and Whales.


How do you get a 3-year old to take a good picture and actually LOOK at the camera?  If you know please share!!!


What a fun day we had!

worn out

Worn out and total exhaustion.  This heat will get ya!

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  1. So sweet!

    Also: feel free to share the recipe! :)