October 01, 2008

still in the potters hands

If you...

Miss a day with God, YOU will know it.

Miss a few days with God, your FAMILY will know it.

Miss a few more days with God, your FRIENDS will know it.

Miss even more days with God, the WORLD will know it.

A good friend shared this quote last night at our life-group, and it has not left my mind since. It scares me to know that other people may notice when I have not been meeting with God. Even more, it scares me that Evan may know. Life changes in so many ways when you have children. I think God knew I needed Evan to bring me even closer to Him.

My quiet times have been pathetic. Honestly. It's as if I've forgotten that God is REAL. I treat him as if he's not always there and almost look past him when I speak to Him. I'm only fooling myself when I do this. Lately there have been a few verses that I stumbled across that have stuck in my head. And though I'm not reading new scripture every day I've been meditating on what these verses mean for me. I can feel and hear God pulling me back to his side and I am slowly letting him grasp me again. PRIDE. It's become an issue for me this past year, and I know I am wrestling a lot with it. Have others seen this in my life? If I go back to the quote, they very well have. I am striving to meet with God everyday while Evan is napping. Pray with me that I can be disciplined to keep this up. Proverbs 9: 8 says, : Do not reprove a scoffer, or he will hate you; reprove a wise man, and he will love you." My prayer has been that I take reproof with grace and not immediately get defensive. It's a lot wrestle with and humbling to admit. I thank you for your constant love sweet Lord.

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