February 27, 2008

recent activities

So what's been going on in the Lucas house you ask?

Well to start, we've moved the big city of OMAHA. We found a house and became official home owners last week! Talk about an exciting time in our life. We have yet to move in our furniture, but we have truly fallen in love with our home. Travis no longer has an hour drive to and from work. YIPPEE. He no longer has to get up at the crack of dawn. Evan is sleeping in his own room and seems to be just fine. He is talking up a storm to his milk chocolate colored walls. I am so excited to have my own kitchen again. I can't wait to start cooking and entertaining. I've realized how much having my home really defines who I am. Maybe now we will finally feel more settled. Our Lord continues to bless us more than we deserve. More than we ask him for. We pray we can be good stewards and use our home for his glory.

Our neighborhood is full of kids. We are surrounded! It's wonderful to see that Evan will have friends so close. There is a 4 mo lil' girl right next door, as well as a 1.5 yr old. there is about a 3.5 yr old across the street who likes to ride his bike, and an even older girl who likes to roller skate down our street. We've gotten so excited to yell at each other to look out the window to see a lil' one treking through our yard and then to see their mom and dad getting after them to use the sidewalk. We haven't had introductions yet, but hope to soon. Travis met our one next door neighbor who has the 1.5 yr and 4 mo old, her name is Mandi. Most importantly she is a Red Sox fan! Can it get any better than that?

Ouppp baby calls...it's a pee pee cry. More updates to come.